Before you get stared with Facebook you need to decide what you are going to use it for.  While the most common use of Facebook is basic personal account where you develop a social network with your friends, there are also Facebook Pages (formerly call Fan Pages) and also Groups.

Personal pages are just that, personal and cannot be seen by the public – they require 1) Facebook membership and 2) to be “friends” with you, which means you have accepted from them or sent a friend request to them and they have accepted.

Facebook Pages (formerly Fan Pages) do not require Facebook membership to view, are viewable by the public, and anyone can “like” your page (formerly become a Fan).

If you want to use Facebook for visiting with friends and maintaining personal relationships then a personal account is what you want.  If you want to use Facebook for business or professional purposes then you need a Facebook Page, and yes, you can have both.  In fact, you must have a personal Facebook profile in order to set up your Facebook Page.

Some basic steps are outlined below, our ebook will have more detail about how to set up and optimize your Facebook Page and also privacy settings for your profile.