Bill’s Gallery of Spam

Here’s my mini Gallery of Spam.  Check out the pics, number of tweets, their last tweet and also how many followers.  You can click on the pics and if their Twitter account is still active there is a link to their Twitter page.

For new additions to my Spam Gallery Scroll down…

Some of my favs are:

@hannahnicole21 with 4 tweets and 1,667 followers!

@themere a blond bombshell that says she is a soccer mom who loves to dance salsa and the location is Mumbai!

@rahmanmia blond hottie (new member of my gallery, near bottom) with 15 Tweets that are all sponsored ads and nearly 2,000 followers!  Who would follow and why?

@storediscounts 3 tweets that are ads, 9,520 followers! and no content, no RTs, no interaction!

By the way @brons13 is mentioned in several of my Spam Fans tweets, that’s interesting.  Also notice that several have bd in the beginning or end of their Twitter name.  Some are getting smarter and mixing in some news, but NEVER any interaction with actual people, and most tweets are selling something.

Twitter Spam - Tweep Spammer example 1

I love this, blond soccer mom, loves to dance salsa, and the location is Mumbai!  Yeah, right another one for the Twitter Spam Gallery – Spammer Tweep

another Twitter Spam example - Spammer Tweep

Notice the bd infront of @bdsweety name, then look at the ones below… Twitter Spam – Spammer Tweeps
here’s another bd spammer, bdpinky  Twitter Spam example – Spammer Tweep
Twitter Spammer example @Chamelibd

This is another "bd" Spammer, don't know why they use "bd" 152 Twwets, 2,349 followers, all of the Tweets are Spam!

Another Spammer Hottie @rahmanmia 15 Tweets nearly 2,000 followers!

@rahmanmia has 15 Tweets, nearly 2,000 follower & all tweets are sponsored! Who would follow & WHY?

check out this Twitter Spammer 3 tweets, 9,521 followers!

@stores4discounts obvious Spammer check out this Twitter Spammer 3 tweets, 9,521 followers!

@storesdir another spammer Tweep; 1 tweet & 4,890 followers

@storesdir 1 tweet that is an ad and 4,890 followers

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