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Self Assessment of Your Web Presence, Visibility and Influence –
Take the Challenge…

Few people ever bother to do a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search on themselves.  Why bother, you know who you are, what will you possibly learn?  Actually you will learn a lot by doing a search on yourself.  You will see yourself through the lens of a prospective employer or client that wants to learn a more about you and the quickest and easiest way for them to do that is via a search engine.

Here are a few simple steps to analyze your online presence and visibility.

  1. Search Engine Results for your name: Do a Google, Yahoo, and Bing search for your name and/or company and note where you turn up in the rankings.  For example, do a search on Bill Grunau and look at the results. You will see lots of references to blogs, blog comments, websites, etc.  Below are some things to look for in the search:
    • A search for your name should show several results on the first page.  Note where you show up and what is showing up on the search.
    • Are there any other people with the same or similar name to yours?
    • Are there any negative links to other people or negative information?
  2. LinkedIn Profile: Your LinkedIn profile should have shown up on page one of the search engines (if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile then this is obviously a big hole in your web presence.  Having a LinkedIn profile is a great start, the next question is how good is your profile.
    • You can use LinkedIn Grader by to grade your profile.  Frankly I don’t think this tool works as well as their Twitter Grader and Website Grader, but it does give you a ranking and some suggestions.
    • Next take a look at your profile, but not from your home page in LinkedIn, click on View Profile and look at it from the perspective of an employer, customer, or client looking you up. Do you have recommendations?  Do you have information about all of your past jobs and what you did there, or just the names of the companies?  Is your LinkedIn profile keyword rich or just a minimal list of past places you worked?
    • On your home page take a look at how many searches your profile turns up in each week and how many people have viewed your profile.
  3. Your Twitter Influence: Use Twitter Grader by to analyze your Twitter ranking and Grade.  A good Twitter grade is typically above 80.  You can also use Klout to determine your clout on Twitter (your relative influence) among your followers.  Some celebrities, journalists, and well known Bloggers have Klout scores above 70 or even 80, most average users have scores in the 10 to 30 range.  If yours is below 10 it just means you are not very active in this area.

There are other social networks you can check such as Facebook, MySpace, Flicker, and Blogs.  All of these have an affect on your online presence and influence.  The checklist above is a good starting point for a quick self evaluation.  One you know what your online presence is, then the next step is “how do I improve it?”.  We will have more on that soon!