Not long ago SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was a foreign term to most mere mortals that weren’t Geeks heavily involved in website design and Internet marketing.  Over the past few years the term has become fairly well known, and yet still not well understood by most with regard to what it really is.

The sole objective of SEO is to increase the ranking of a website or webpage on search results for specific search terms and thereby drive traffic to that website.  SEO generally involves optimizing for very specific search terms or phrases, for example; “California Banks”, or “Auto Insurance Dallas”, or “how to buy a house”, or “attorneys Chicago corporate”.

Oddly enough, the SEO pioneers were in the Porn industry and they actually drove this technology by forcing Yahoo and Google to continually improve their search algorithms in an SEO Arms race to stay ahead of the Porn sites which were gaming the system.  The early versions of Yahoo were very basic and were easily spoofed or Spammed (called Spamdexing) by loading a website full of keywords.  More keywords = higher ranking, the Porn sites quickly figured this out and loaded their sites full of common keywords often completely unrelated to their website.  In fact, to load their sites with more keywords they came up with the strategy of using invisible text, same color font and background, or fonts to small to see on your display which allowed them to fill an entire page with keywords while still having their other content.

This forced Yahoo (Google was not around yet) to develop more complex algorithms taking these spoofing for spamming schemes into consideration.  The new algorithms penalized a site if it was spamming with these schemes.  This was the beginning of the SEO Arms Race.  Eventually the legitimate or commonly acceptable SEO methods came to be known as White Hat SEO and the sneaky methods became known as Black Hat SEO relating to the darker side of the business using SpamDexing, link generators, and content spinners to intentionally spoof the search engine.  In fact, if you get caught employing Black Hat techniques and cross the DMZ line the search engines will ban your site from search results or heavily penalize your ranking depending on the severity and frequency of your violations.

As search engines have evolved and become more sophisticated users have changed the way they do searches.   Most users now enter a question or phrase instead or one or two keywords.  As a result Long Tail SEO is a new strategy where the site is optimized for these long search inquiries.

As you can see, SEO has evolved into a very complex technology and you may be wondering, “how on earth can I even begin to compete or be found with all of this going on?”.  Interestingly enough, the advances in search engine technology couple with Social Media have actually leveled the playing field for you and we will show you how to put this to work.  Why?  Because the search engines now value content and relevance above all – content is still king!  And with Social Media you can easily create content and be found by the search engines.



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