Whats Important: Being Helpful – SMO Online and Offline

An important trait in any situation that has to do with dealing with other people and attracting the world to you is being helpful.

This doesn’t just mean I over performed at my job where I get payed X, it means to generally be helpful to those around you. You possess skills and knowledge that many around you don’t. Hoarding it to yourself in no way helps bring the knowledge that it exists to others.

Ia m not talkign about flaunting your skills and abilities, I am talking about humbly helping others because you really care to do so. Be prideful and confident in your abilities. See other peoples challenges as a test of your abilities and as accomplishments you can claim for yourself by helping others out of a tight situation.

You have no idea how news of acts of professional kindness spread like wildfire.

Sometimes, you are not in a position in your career or job that you can show what you are really made of to those in the workplace. Your job demands other skills, ones people already know exists.

This is where you start to spread your real knowledge around helping others here and there in minor ways on your own time. Why? For credibility, practice and goodwill.

Make  your skills your hobby; use them, apply them and be successful!

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