My Favorite Twitter Tools for Managing Followers

I love Twitter and perhaps one of the things I love most is the open interface Twitter has maintained with third party developers and websites.  There are dozens of really creative websites and tools out there that really enhance the Twitter experience and make using Twitter infinitely easier.

One of the most time consuming tasks once you get more than a few dozen followers is managing your followers.  Deciding who to follow, who to unfollow if they unfollowed you, for that matter even knowing that they did unfollow you!

Here are three tools I use nearly every day that makes my life much easier, and here’s the most important part, they are FREE and work great!

My Favorite Tools for Managing Followers

  • – I really like this tool because it is FREE and it really works well.  You can set it up to automatically follow people based on criteria you set, but frankly I don’t like to automatically follow anyone.
    • Vet Followers:  This is why I like SocialOomph.  It has an option on the auto-follow to “vet” your followers where you have 72 hours to confirm each one and either follow or not.  If you do nothing it will go with the default criteria you set (which actually works pretty well most of the time).
    • Summary of New Followers:  I also like the format of the list of followers, it is very easy to breeze through quickly and decide who to follow and who is likely a Spammer.  The list of  new follower screen also shows stats for what percentage of people followed, ignored or blocked.  This is very cool because if 100% have ignored you immediately know this is a Spammer and if say 30% have ignored you know you should check them out before following them back.  This is a great feature!
    • Flush:  Yep, just like it sounds, this flushes people that have not followed you back.  I like the Flush feature on Tweepi because you can quickly un-follow people that are not following you back and I have found that it is a very efficient tool for this.  One word of caution on this.  I recently got overly proactive on this and ran the Flush program too soon and accidentally un- followed some people only to end up following them back a few days later. Oops!  A bit embarrassing, especially when one guy asked me why I did that (btw, told him the truth).  My suggestion, run Flush about once a week, no more, and give people at least 3 days to follow you back.
    • Clean Up:  Clean up is very cool too.  You can use this to review your list of follower and clean out Spammers or inactive Tweeps.  My view on Spammers is to unfollow them, but on inactive Tweeps or infrequent tweeters I don’t see the harm in having them as followers and I personally have no problem with that, although I have read a number of blogs that complain about it, I just don’t see the problem.
  • – I have used for un-following Tweeps too, it works well, I have found Tweepi works faster for me.

By the way, speaking of Spammers, if you missed my previous blog on How to Spot a Spammer in Seconds or Bill’s Gallery of Spam check them out I think you will find that interesting too.

I hope this helps and saves you some time.  This is working well for me.  I welcome your comments and I know there are many other tools out there, feel free to post your comments and suggestions too.

As always, I wish you the best and brightest future

Bill Grunau

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