How to Spot a Twitter Spammer in Seconds…

While I was going through my list of Twitter Followers and deciding who to follow back (yes I really do that and don’t use a bot to do it automatically) I saw some a few followers that literally caught my eye.  A few of days ago there were 6 absolutely gorgeous women following me, all of them were young ladies from India and then today there were another 9 beautiful women following me!

Since I am not Brad Pitt, or even a minor celebrity, nor am I all that cool; I wondered why on earth are these women following me?  And I found it strange that 6  and then 9 more would do so back to back (they all followed me within minutes of each other).  Am I suddenly a Social Media or Blogging Rock Star?  So I clicked on their profiles and you guessed it, all were spammer Twitter accounts.

Some are so obvious it is hilarious except for when you look at how many people are blindly following them!  Check out their last tweet and also how many tweets they have posted.  One has only posted 4 tweets!

Check out Bill’s Gallery of Spam after you finish reading.

Actually I have seen this often and I knew exactly what the deal was.  Last month I had the same thing happen with Asian women followers, all absolutely gorgeous, all Spam and all with exactly the same Tweets.  In fact I have noticed that many Twitter avatars of exceptionally beautiful women are almost always Spam.  I guess the Spammers have either discovered this works, or perhaps they think it is a clever theory for picking up male followers, who knows.  What struck me about this scheme was that they all followed me at the same time, several had exactly the same Tweets, and several also only had a few tweets on there account (a few only had 1 tweet!).  Did they think that I would blindly follow all 6 or 9 of them?  Or maybe if I didn’t follow the first one, surely I could not resist the second, or third, or forth, or maybe number 9 would be the magical one!

Want to see some of my Spam Fan Followers?  Click here for Bill’s mini Gallery of Spam

Here are some quick ways to spot a Tweep that is a Spammer…

  1. Profile: The profile is the quickest way to see if this Tweep is a Spammer or someone you want to follow.  I look for two things in a profile.  1) it reads like they are a real person and not just selling stuff 2) keywords that are redflags which may cause me to look at their Tweets or sometimes not follow based on that.
  2. Profile Picture: No doubt I will take some heat and criticism for saying this, but…  I have found that lots of Spammers, post pics of beautiful women on their profile.  Hey blame the Spammers not me, I’m just reporting what I have observed lately!  Some have even wised up and started creating profiles that look like a real person, and then when you check the stream it’s all spam from an API.  So if the profile is a drop dead gorgeous women, take a closer look guys before you just blindly follow that beautiful women.  So far I have not seen Spammers using “hunks” – I’m sure that’s next (hope I don’t inspire them with a new idea).
  3. Keywords that Red-flag Spammers:  If I see any keywords that cause me to think this Tweep is going to be an ongoing 24/7 infomercial about whatever they are selling I pass and don’t follow them.  Some of the keywords I look for are:
    • ForEx  – any kind of Foreign Exchange money making scheme (most just want to sell you something)
    • MLM language – e.g. “make money from home”, “I can show you how to make…”, “multiple streams of income”, “affiliate marketing”, “internet marketing” (sometimes legit), etc…
    • Get thousands of followers…
    • Stock market stuff
    • Real Estate stuff (if it is just selling, if they are real people then I will follow them)
    • Retail – I will check them out to see if they are interacting or just talking about their store.  I do follow some retail Tweeps if they are interesting.
  4. Tweet Stream (their Tweets): If  their tweets are all from an API (Automatic Program Interface) I pass – regardless of what else I see.  There is no point in following someone that strictly sends outbound Tweets and does not interact.

I hope this helps you sort through the Spammers and real Tweeps more efficiently.  Maybe someday Twitter will have an optional Spam filter like we have for email.  It is getting to that point.

As always I wish you the best and brightest future

Bill Grunau aka @own_your_future

Bill’s Gallery of Spam…

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