Twitter Grader, a fun Tool to See How You Rank and Rate

Have you ever wondered how you rank and rate on Twitter?  Well maybe not, but admit it, now you’re curious.

The guys at Hubspot, probably Darmesh, came up with Twitter Grader and it is a very cool tool to see how you rank and where you stand in the Twitterverse.  A sample of mine is below and I am happy to report that as of today, and for the time being, I am ahead of Florida’s Sexy Models!  I consider this quite and accomplishment based on their content and attraction vs mine.  So for now I am the #1 Tweep in Miami (probably short lived and I am going to soak it up while I can).

Twitter Grader is a snap to use, just follow the link, enter your Twitter name and wait a minute or two for the results. has other grader tools including Website Grader which I used to use frequently and unfortunately they recently dumbed it down so it is not as useful as it once was 🙁

Thought I would share this very cool tool with you, hope you enjoy it.

As always I wish you the best and brightest future

Bill Grunau

See my sample report below…

Twitter Grader Results Own_Your_Future Bill Grunau

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