Regurgitation vs Original Content – Social Media Methods

Notice that some “SMO” or Social Media Guru’s seem to just regurgitate others content? Sometimes, especially when they spend too much time on the Road, it seems that they just post links or point out “How cool” the latest article/tweet/thingy is.

Suprisingly, this is a perfectly valid method for Social Media development, in fact, its the “Social” part of Social Networking. Essentially, sharing with others, about others, is socializing. Its like Gossip, hopefully good gossip about you, others, your products or others products.

Original content on your site/tweets develops something different it develops an authority figure from a standpoint of knowledge and experience, not just what you can find and repost on the internet. This is a long lasting and in the end, easier to maintain Social Media personal and method of development.

I think both methods are just as effective. One is easier than the other in the beginning, but one quickly becomes exhausing while the other becomes liberating.

Generating your own unique content and gathering a following guarantees you a spot of authority for a long time, and you can slow your rate of creating new content and focus more on interacting with your community.  Regurgitating content and links can gather you a following pretty quickly as you become a good “News Source” for your niche, however, the moment you start to lose momentum, or get tired and stop tweeting and posting, people can forget you and find a new source, making your influence and presence dwindle. Also, you will be challenged to bring more new content to your following, and sometimes that can be daunting.

So consider your strategy for short and long term. Maybe choose a bit of both!

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