The SEO & SMO Benefits of Blogging without Blogging

How do you get the SEO and SMO benefits of blogging (getting found and noticed) without writting a Blog?  Easy.  Post comments on other peoples Blogs!  In fact, I see a lot of reasons why posting comments can be more effective than writing your own blog for many people?  Here’s why…

Advantages of Posting on Other Blogs…

  1. Posting on other blogs is easy and fast!
  2. Posting on major blogs your comments get found quickly and often index high!
  3. You can be selective and post only on blog topics you are knowledgeable and passionate about.
  4. Gets your name into professional communities and networks (note that you must actively participate).
  5. You can take either pro or con positions and comment on a variety of topics.

Advantages of Creating Your Own Blog…

  1. Allows you to create your own unique voice and persona.
  2. Establishes you as an authority and industry/topic expert (assuming you write a great blog).
  3. Will show up on search engine results under your name or blog name with you as the author.

Disadvantages of Creating Your Own Blog…

  1. Getting a Blog Started Takes Time – setting it up, writing, managing the blog.
  2. Blogging is work and requires commitment, you need to consistently write and post content.
  3. Slow start for most – initially you will feel like your blog is a very interesting conversation with yourself!  It takes time for most blogs to get found and develop a following.

There are literally millions of blogs out there, so which blogs should you post on?  It depends on what your business and industry is.  For example, if you are a marketing or social media professional, posting on a local blog about marketing in Akron Ohio probably won’t get you noticed on a national level.  But if you are an Interior Designer in Akron Ohio and you post some great comments on a local blog about decorating or the local newspaper blog that could be perfect for you!  Likewise, for the example of the marketing or social media professional, posting comments on one of the major blogs like Mashalble, emarketer, Social Media Examiner, etc. will get your name out there in that community and will show up on search results.

Long tail searches work great for blogs and blog topics!  A long tail search is a very specific search inquiry, like “interior design Akron Ohio wallpaper”.  A Google search for just wallpaper or just interior design will list the brand giants in the business, but a  more specific (long tail) search is much narrower in the results and more focused.  Most users have no idea what a long tail search is, but they do know from trial and error that they get better search results by typing in a very specific search inquiry almost like a question.  And this is great news for you because it is a way for you to get found on blogs and social media.

So find blogs that talk to your market and your audience and then post comments on articles that are relevant to you and your business or profession.  By the way, don’t expect to post three comments next week and suddenly be “known” in the industry.  Social Media is by nature social and it takes time to get noticed.  It’s much like mingling at a party.  You won’t get to meet everyone in the room, many won’t remember your name the first time they meet you, but over time you will build relationships and a name – that’s the social part of social media.

I could go on and on about blogging and SMO strategy, but its too long for a blog.  Alex (@geilt) and I are writing an ebook on Self SEO and SMO and we go into detail there about the how to’s as well as developing a personal SEO/SMO strategy.

So if you want to get your name out there as a professional or a small business, and the hassle of starting your own blog has been stopping you from blogging, start with posting comments on other peoples blogs as an alternative.  Its a great way to get started immediately and to started building your online brand/persona.

As always, I wish you the best and brightest future

Bill Grunau

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