Social Media Jargon & Strategy Babble, a lot like Psycho Babble with a Geeky Twist

Social media babble has been bugging me for a while now.  Suddenly everyone is a expert in social media and what I find really amusing is that the same babble is being repeated over and over again like it is somehow a mind blowing revelation!  I feel like I am stuck in a Scott Adams Dilbert cartoon box with the pointy haired boss droning on about how social media is good, tossing out newly acquired jargon he read this morning, dispensing advice about social media and web 2.0, while I am sitting next to Dilbert and Wally rolling our eyes wondering who is going to jump out the window first.

While writing this blog post I realized the likely sources of this mindless and unending corporate psycho babble.  I remembered the Bullshit Generator from a few years ago and suspected they were are the bottom of this.  A quick search and I found the Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator and WTF is My Social Media Strategy .  In fact, I suspect they may well be covert ghost writers for several blogs and social media luminaries.  Hah!  You guys are outted and busted, the truth is out now.

Don’t believe me…   Try it and let’s see how long till these terms turn up in a blog or book.  Here’s a sample of a few I did:

  • share social synergies
  • incentivize A-list blogospheres
  • enable blogging folksonomies
  • capture undefined undefined
  • remix podcasting blogospheres
  • disintermediate long-tail mashups

With a little more investigative work I have also found the root source for social media strategies.  Yep, it’s like the Matrix, there is a root program running the whole thing secretly controlling our lives.  I believe the source of social media strategies is coming from “WTF is My Social Media Strategy”.

Here are some samples I ran from WTF is My Social Media Strategy.  What is hilarious is that you really could cut and paste this into many corporate strategies or blogs from the anointed social media luminaries and I suspect many would nod their head in agreement while saying how brilliant and novel the strategy is.

  • Identify relevant and compelling hooks for the audience, create content around the hooks and integrate it into their social repertoires
  • Provide brand ambassadors with compelling conversation hooks to enter into communities and fuel advocacy
  • Amplify word of mouth by motivating influencers
  • Utilise social currency to amplify experiences and drive conversations

My list of worn out and over used Social Media Babble…

  • Engage
  • Authentic or Authenticity – is it authentic if you are ripping off an old idea? or use a ghost writer for your blog?
  • Brand or Branding – everything is “branding” and is now the cure for everything and applied to everything
  • Trust (yeah Chris, I am officially tired of hearing this now)
  • Crowd Sourcing – I actually like the real deal, problem is now everything is “crowd sourced” because it is cool
  • Flash Mob or Mob – cool the first few times, now officially boring and ripped off too often
  • Aggregate – tired of this in any use
  • Influence and influencers
  • and especially Social Media Ninjas, Gurus, Experts, Gorillas, etc – Alex Blom has the perfect solution for this, in his blog he said “ Social Media Experts, Ninjas, & Gurus should be trampled by elephants
  • post your comments on others, I could go on and on…

Because I like to make all of my blogs useful here’s the practical application for this post.  If you are in a pointless meeting that is droning on and on and someone asks you for input just click on the Bullshit Generator or the WTF is My Social Media Strategy for your answer.  No one will have a clue what you are talking about, and will surely be too embarrassed to admit it, you will be crowned the new social media genius and can go back to Google Talk or Facebook Chat with your friends.

Seriously though.  I don’t really have a problem with the specific terms or even the overused phrases.  My real issue is when I read a blog, article, even some of the books that drone on and on laden with social media babble and at the end of it there was no real point.  Nothing new, no original thought, just babble.  I seriously think that if Captain Kirk read some of these blogs he would call up to Scotty and say, “beam me up Scotty, no intelligent life here”.

As always I wish you the best and brightest future

Bill Grunau

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