Importance of Search Engine Friendly URL’s

No matter what anyone tells you, Search Engine Friendly URL’s are THE standard.  If you come across an SEO company that does not practice or recommend this then they don’t know jack about SEO.  Likewise if your website does or blog does not follow this practice then you are hurting your search rankings.  The URL is almost as important as the page title and description for search engine ranking and optimization and has a direct impact on how you rank for keywords.

What is a URL? URL means Universal Resource Locator, its just another way of saying, what the heck am I looking for on this website/server?  There are SO many plugins for various different Content Management Systems (aka CMS) that focus on redirecting a database query into a friendy URL.  What does this mean for you?  Just that programs like WordPress and Joomla! can rewrite their pages into friendly forms that you can edit easily.  If your not using one of these programs, make sure your pages that are .htm and .php are saved in a search engine friendly fashion.

Here’s a short list of standards and tips…

Standards and Tips:

  • Dashes between words
  • All Lowercase
  • Not too many!
  • Not too few!
  • Keyword Rich, think…what do people search in regards to my document?
  • Folders do matter.


Take a look at this page’s URL.

Look how many keywords are there!  The important ones are repeated once, and near each other.  The category SEO, search engine optimization has two major keywords already. Sef, search engine friendly is another, blog with seo and sef is also there.  You get the idea, right?

This URL tells a story, I know its a blog about SEO and that it talks about the importance of SEF URL’s in regards to SEO. Great!

Now it just needs a Title and a Description to match.  Keep in mind this one word…relevancy.  It is key to your SEO success, apply it everywhere and you can do wonders.

Keep at it!


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