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I recently aquired a small business account that I am going to be using as a case study for SelfSEO, you will see some interesting blog posts and tweets about the project as it mobes along. It will be a running record of what SEO can do for you and your small business.

I wont give out the name or the URL of the case study yet as I am still working the template, but a little background:

Company has been around for about two years. Has a great set of products. It also has a bunch of creative work done in print, and some online. Logo, materials etc are all there. The owner is very brand conscious and has kept a great color scheme and stuck with his name and logo.

The problem is, the website. He has one, it has a shopping cart, (with expired SSL, no one told him) and less than 100 / month traffic. He is getting no business, and hasn’t for a long time. His marketing guys are telling him to start going door to door. This is where I come in.

He has handed the project to me, and all online sales related duties are mine. First order of business, check out the website.

Written in coldfusion…his database is in MS Access…why…why? WHY! It is a simple site, it doesn’t need ColdFusion! Besides, ColdFusion developers cost an arm and a leg! (quickly realizing why this guy is not doing so well, bad web advice…)

Ok, so after freaking out about cold fusion, I find a WordPress blog installed on a subdomain of his written by a second company he hired to get him some traffic…with no link back to the main site to purchase goods…ANYWHERE…why? SEO friendly titles? Nope not at all! WordPress at its worst, and only version 2.5 too.

The template, while decent, has rounded features here, but not there, it looks as if it just wasn’t finished in certain areas. It also has features in weird places, like a search box in the top left corner. Did I also mention the template in wordpress is a stripped down version of the main page?

So right now the project is converting his entire site (shopping cart included), into WordPress so I can manage it effectively. I am already converting the template from his ColdFusion site, and adding a couple features (rounded borders, search feature in proper location, special deals in right location, etc.) while rewriting the template. I must say it is looking slick. I will be sure to post before and after photos once it is done.  It has taken about 1 day so far to convert the template and start moving things over (mostly figuring out how to use MediaTemple’s DV with WordPress via IP and not Domain Name).

The nice thing about wordpress is I can keep adding onto it. I cant do jack with Coldfusion. Not only that, its expensive to develop from an investor standpont, compared to WordPress, PHP/mySQL.

So the project begins this weekend, and we will see how far we can progress. I will be putting every single aspect of SEO that I have learned and researched into this project. I hope that SEO will allow the site to provide a good living to my customer, and a little extra on the side for me ;). Here we go!

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