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Quick example of why SEO is important, and specifically SelfSEO’s method is important for your business, brand or self!

A client of mine called me yesterday upset because in the past two months he had clients come up to him and mention that on the internet it shows his company is an escort service. He was taken aback. His company/firm deals with Business Government Relations, and has nothing to do with escort services.

Turns out his business is run out of a hotel, a very glamorous hotel at that. I wont mention names but it seems as if an escort service probably used that hotel or even ran its operations there. In doign so, either Google automatically picked up his business and marked it based upon similar businesses, or, the more likely, someone else decided to put Escort service on his listing trying to get business or notice to the location for that type of company.

Needless to say, had he only listed himself on Google himself and claimed the location, a key ingredient in SelfSEO, then he would have saved himself this trouble. He shows up on Google Maps now, second result for his company with the category escort service. I have helped him out and claimed the location for him and corrected the info, we will see how long it takes to go into effect.

I was th eone who noticed the Google listing, but he was the one who brought it to my attention by showing a listing in the, an authentic source according to Google, with the SAME category of Escort service. Either someone is trying to do his public duty and list every business otu there without knowing what they are, or someone did it on purpose.

There are companies that deal with this kind of smear on Businesses, if it ever happens to you. It often takes a lot of PR and SEO work to get those results to vanish. Fortunately for my client, Google Maps and Yahoo Pages are easy to resolve because we were able to claim them and verify the location using the phone number. I will post a follow up when we see those results vanish so you can gauge how long it takes to correct such a situation!

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