Blogging at #SMX at the Google Booth!

I am writing this blog from the Google both at SMX East. They have computers with open internet access. Exciting to be here, there are tons of companies with very different opinions on SEO. The overall theme though, is relevancy.

What I have noticed from all the SEO companies at this conference is that more and more, people are taking the holistic approach to SEO. In my opinion, this is very good, as it shows that there is more of a solid structure for SEO. The tricks and hacks from the past don’t really work anymore, and if you are trying to build any sort of brand, those tricks and hacks (blackhat tactics) can actually hurt your future growth.

here’s what else I found and learned at SMX East…

From link building companies, to display ads, its all here. I was fortunate to win a free Search Engine Land Year Premium Subscription!! Will go nice with my SEOMoz subscription. If you are at all interested in search engine marketing at an advanced level, I would highly recommend you follow these companies, their blogs, etc. Become a member if you can afford it as they are an invaluable resource – SEOMoz, Search Engine Land, and if you can, check out Raven Tools, which can help you figure out what the heck is going on with your website. Of course, don’t forget to check out the Google Blogs!!

SMO seems to be extremely popular now. The conference is abuzz with social media tactics and services. People are turning to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. to display ads, find customers and even find recruits! Now is prime time to start working on SelfSEO, get yourself known and found and start networking online. There are many companies here looking for new recruits. From individuals with their own consulting firms, to big wigs like iProspect, they all need help! Get the skills to get the job, keep researching, commenting, asking questions! Do not be shy!

Time for the next session, more later!

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