Whats Important: Being Helpful – SMO Online and Offline

An important trait in any situation that has to do with dealing with other people and attracting the world to you is being helpful.

This doesn’t just mean I over performed at my job where I get payed X, it means to generally be helpful to those around you. You possess skills and knowledge that many around you don’t. Hoarding it to yourself in no way helps bring the knowledge that it exists to others.

Ia m not talkign about flaunting your skills and abilities, I am talking about humbly helping others because you really care to do so. Be prideful and confident in your abilities. See other peoples challenges as a test of your abilities and as accomplishments you can claim for yourself by helping others out of a tight situation.

You have no idea how news of acts of professional kindness spread like wildfire.

Sometimes, you are not in a position in your career or job that you can show what you are really made of to those in the workplace. Your job demands other skills, ones people already know exists.

This is where you start to spread your real knowledge around helping others here and there in minor ways on your own time. Why? For credibility, practice and goodwill.

Make  your skills your hobby; use them, apply them and be successful!

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How to Spot a Twitter Spammer in Seconds…

While I was going through my list of Twitter Followers and deciding who to follow back (yes I really do that and don’t use a bot to do it automatically) I saw some a few followers that literally caught my eye.  A few of days ago there were 6 absolutely gorgeous women following me, all of them were young ladies from India and then today there were another 9 beautiful women following me!

Since I am not Brad Pitt, or even a minor celebrity, nor am I all that cool; I wondered why on earth are these women following me?  And I found it strange that 6  and then 9 more would do so back to back (they all followed me within minutes of each other).  Am I suddenly a Social Media or Blogging Rock Star?  So I clicked on their profiles and you guessed it, all were spammer Twitter accounts.

Some are so obvious it is hilarious except for when you look at how many people are blindly following them!  Check out their last tweet and also how many tweets they have posted.  One has only posted 4 tweets!

Check out Bill’s Gallery of Spam after you finish reading.

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The SEO & SMO Benefits of Blogging without Blogging

How do you get the SEO and SMO benefits of blogging (getting found and noticed) without writting a Blog?  Easy.  Post comments on other peoples Blogs!  In fact, I see a lot of reasons why posting comments can be more effective than writing your own blog for many people?  Here’s why…

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What the heck is Self SEO and SMO and Why Do I Care?

A common belief or line of thinking is that  SEO is only for big brands and corporate websites competing in the ranking arms race on the search engines, vying for who is listed on the first page and who gets top honors for being #1.  That may have been true a few years ago, but advances in search engine technology and algorithms have changed this.  Social Media has also changed the landscape of SEO, search engine rankings, and results and led to the birth of SMO, Social Media Optimization.

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Bad SEO – Government Escort Services

Quick example of why SEO is important, and specifically SelfSEO’s method is important for your business, brand or self!

A client of mine called me yesterday upset because in the past two months he had clients come up to him and mention that on the internet it shows his company is an escort service. He was taken aback. His company/firm deals with Business Government Relations, and has nothing to do with escort services.

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Regurgitation vs Original Content – Social Media Methods

Notice that some “SMO” or Social Media Guru’s seem to just regurgitate others content? Sometimes, especially when they spend too much time on the Road, it seems that they just post links or point out “How cool” the latest article/tweet/thingy is.

Suprisingly, this is a perfectly valid method for Social Media development, in fact, its the “Social” part of Social Networking. Essentially, sharing with others, about others, is socializing. Its like Gossip, hopefully good gossip about you, others, your products or others products.

Original content on your site/tweets develops something different it develops an authority figure from a standpoint of knowledge and experience, not just what you can find and repost on the internet. This is a long lasting and in the end, easier to maintain Social Media personal and method of development.

I think both methods are just as effective. One is easier than the other in the beginning, but one quickly becomes exhausing while the other becomes liberating.

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Small Business Case Study

I recently aquired a small business account that I am going to be using as a case study for SelfSEO, you will see some interesting blog posts and tweets about the project as it mobes along. It will be a running record of what SEO can do for you and your small business.

I wont give out the name or the URL of the case study yet as I am still working the template, but a little background:

Company has been around for about two years. Has a great set of products. It also has a bunch of creative work done in print, and some online. Logo, materials etc are all there. The owner is very brand conscious and has kept a great color scheme and stuck with his name and logo.

The problem is, the website. He has one, it has a shopping cart, (with expired SSL, no one told him) and less than 100 / month traffic. He is getting no business, and hasn’t for a long time. His marketing guys are telling him to start going door to door. This is where I come in.

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It Begins

Welcome to our new Blog on Self SEO.  Our website and Blog is about using SEO and Social Media to promote your online presence and brand, whether it is for a job search, career development or your small business.  Alex Conroy and Bill Grunau will be posting articles here on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), and how to develop your online brand and presence.

We will have a wide range of articles with Alex posting technical “how to” blogs on SEO and SMO, case studies from some of his clients, and sharing his technical expertise.  Bill will be posting articles on using Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook and using Social Media to develop your personal or small business brand.  Both of us have eclectic interests so you will see a wide range of topics here and on our other Blogs (see our Blog roll for our other Blogs).

All the best,

Alex and Bill