Alexander Conroy

Over the past few years @geilt has gone from a gaming crazed madman, to a web technology crazed madman. Obsessed with internet technology, SEO, social media and web programming. He spends most of the quiet nights up late listening to relaxing music and working like crazy. The night time is best for that sort of thing, no phone calls from the day job and everyone is asleep.

He has over 10 years of experience in various fields of computer technology from hardware/software repair to complex web technologies and databases.

Recently his forte and focus has been Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Web Technology Management. Alex has a solid and unique approach to SEO that is very matter of fact and covers all bases. He has yet to meet an expert or company that has the implementation and theoretical knowledge that he has developed, based on what he calls “Absolute Relevancy”.

Alex is a major Google proponent and is proficient with all Google services including analytics, adwords/adsense and webmaster best practices. He is an avid user, developer and promoter of the Open Source Movement and Open Source Software for businesses.

He programs in PHP using mySQL databases, he implements, installs and modify popular web CMS’s such as Joomla! and WordPress. He can create web page designs, advertisement creative media, WordPress Plugins, SEO Copywriting, remove your Computer Viruses and more. He can even simplify your HR and accounting should you so request, with collaborative and often free solutions.

Alexander Conroy has an academic background in the study of Psychology and Religion, giving him a professional yet courteous understanding of both local and international clients and employees.

Geilt brings to the table what no one else, and no other company does…everything. But thats what Technomancers do.

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