Was conceived by @geilt (Alexander Conroy) as a way for professionals to develop and enhance their online presence.  He realized the importance of a professional’s online presence and image for both job searches and also for career development.  Alex also understood that few professionals spent much time on this or knew how to go about developing their online brand.

Alex shared his idea with @own_your_future (Bill Grunau) over dinner with their wives and the website and e-book were born.  Bill was involved with his own website for job seekers and career development, CareerXL.com, and this fit right in with his passion and interest career development and social media.

Alex and Bill are both passionate about technology, Social Media, SEO, and helping people develop and improve their careers.  You can follow Alex on Twitter at @geilt and follow Bill at @own_your_future.  @SelfSEOme is their joint Twitter account where they Tweet about using Social Media and SEO to improve and increase your online presence and build your personal brand.

SelfSEO.me – born through Social Media

It is interesting how @geilt and @own_your_future met.  They met through Twitter at a Tweet-Up for Jazz in the Gardens 2010.  @geilt was at the event in prime seating section and thought he would see if anyone was Tweeting about the event.  He found @own_your_future hosting a Tweet-Up for the event from the media tent and tweeting with other fans in the audience and across the country. He started taking pictures with his phone and tweeting them, and they started to be retweeted by both Bill and another manning the official Jazz in the Gardens twitter account @jazzgardens.

During one act, he tweeted about the sound quality and volume of a particular performance and got a response from @own_your_future that they had sent someone to look into it and adjust it.

At that moment, @geilt realized the true power and potential of social media. Out of 40,000 people, he alone was able to recommend something to be done, and was heard! He never even had to leave his own seat!

They kept in touch via Twitter and met for dinner a few months later where they exchanged ideas and decided to develop SelfSEO.me together.

This is a great example of how Social Media really is social and how business relationships and friends can be formed on social networks.