What is SelfSEO and SMO Anyway?

Most are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where a website and its content is designed to rank high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to drive more traffic to the site.  Self SEO is applying these same principles and techniques to your own online presence.  Self SEO can be applied to your professional online presence as well as small businesses, even if you don’t have a big website, or no website at all you can be found!

Why is SEO Important to Me,
My Job Search, Career & Business?

45% of employers now do social media background checks, over 80% use LinkedIn for recruiting and to check out prospective candidates, and this is AFTER they have found a candidate.  Google, Bing, Yahoo, and LinkedIn are now effectively your virtual resume or portfolio.  If you own a business the same applies, prospective customers will go to Google, Yelp, FourSquare, and other Social Media before they call you.

What does this mean to you as a professional?  Simple, your online presence, image, and persona can dramatically affect your prospects for getting that job you just applied for and even your career growth.  To be competitive you MUST have a presence on the web that reflects your background, credentials, and most importantly a presence that will get you “found”.

Think this is far fetched or unattainable?  Try this…

Do a Google search for Bill Grunau and Alexander Conroy (SelfSEOme is hosted by Bill and Alexander Conroy) and look at the results, go ahead, go through surf through several pages of search results.

Google Search Alexander Conroy

Google Search Bill Grunau
There’s lots of content there from their LinkedIn pages (which we optimized), to Blog comments, their own blogs, and more.  This is exactly how you Self SEO to promote your online presence.  You could argue that their names, especially Bill’s, are uncommon that’s why they rank so high, but no so!  Bill ranks higher than businesses with the name Grunau in them!

You can do this too and that’s what SelfSEO.me is all about.  Do we have your interest and attention?…  Good, then surf through the site to learn more about Optimizing your Self – Self SEO.

Now try this, Google your name and see what the results are…

More About SEO

While SEO has become a common term, few people really know how it works, in a since it is seems almost more art than science.  Many of the self proclaimed experts aren’t really all that good at it and the real pros don’t share their secrets.  In fact is is a science and true SEO is a lot of work requiring perpetual updates to content, links, site maps, etc.  The big brands dominate SEO with teams of SEO technicians optimizing their sites daily, so for individuals or small businesses it has been tough to be competitive, until recently…

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More About Social Media and SMO

Social Media has changed the SEO game and made it possible for anyone to develop a web presence and be found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches.  Just a few years ago search results on these engines only turned up big companies, celebrities, and news stories.  Now (as you saw above if you took the challenge to Google Bill and Alex’s names) regular people can turn up and rank well on search results through Social Media and by using SMO (Social Media Optimization) you can really get a lot of content published and have your name turn up frequently.

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Applying Self SEO and SMO to Me

That what our site is about, helping you develop and build your online presence through Social Media and SEO techniques that you can apply personally.